About me
MERAB GAGILADZE was born on 13.03.1972


1987-90 Tbilisi art college, the faculty of ceramics.
1990-96 Tbilisi state academy of fine arts, the faculty of graphic art.


1991 Tbilisi state academy of fine arts, Tbilisi, Georgia.
1993 Tbilisi ethic museum, "Carvasla" gallery. Tbilisi, Georgia.
1993 The central house of arts, Moscow, Russia.
1994 The central house of arts, Moscow, Russia.
2000 Festival of united nacions, Baku, Azerbaijan.
2004 Museum of anthropology, Berkley, California, USA.
2006 Art ireland spring collection 2006, rds main hall, Dublin, Ireland. 
2006 Dulwich art fair, Dulwich college, London, United Kingdom.
2006 Affordable art fair, Battersea park, London, United Kingdom.

2006  -  Art master gallery,Prague

2007 -      Gallery Bartoux,Paris,France

2007- Gallery Bartoux,Honfleur,France

2008-Personal exhibition,Atlanta,USA

2008-Personal exhibition,Atlanta,USA

2009-Avalon gallery,Carmel,California.



2010- Avalon gallery,Carmel,California

2010- Housde,Netherlands.

2011-Personal exhibition,Ankara,Turkey

2011-Personal exhibition,Istanbul,Turkey

2012- Personal exhibition,Ankara,Turkey

2012- Personal exhibition,Istanbul,Turkey


2013- Personal exhibition,Ankara,Turkey


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